5 Tips for Easy, Efficient Nutrition Lessons

nutrition lesson

Parents and teachers are always looking for simple and easy ways to teach necessary nutritional information to children and students.  Below are tips on how to create or find easy nutrition lessons.  When organizing nutritional information ensure it is correct, current, and applicable to the children you’ll be teaching. Lessons that are hands-on can provide nutritional experiences that help ensure the children will remember the information they are taught.

  1. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a page on Nutrition Education. This site provides curriculum, material, reports and sample lesson plans.
  2. Kids.gov provides lesson plans and activities for teachers, parents and students. This is also a safe place for children further research nutritional information. This website has interactive tabs – “for teachers” – “activities and workshops” – “lesson plans” and “for parents”.
  3. The School Nutrition Association has many sources of information to help combine nutrition education in both the classroom and the lunchroom. This website also uses the MyPlate materials to help teach healthy eating habits.
  4. Choose MyPlate  provides materials, games, graphics and videos to teach youth the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.
  5. Contact your local Extension agent for nutrition curriculum. Through Extension, you can find information ranging from head start to adult education. Your agent may have resources available to you to use or may even be able to help you implement one of their evidence-based programs in your schools.



Sarah Ransom-University of Tennessee Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent

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