A Pediatrician’s Perspective of School Body Mass Index (BMI) Report Cards

Brenner FIT Program

Join Mara Vitolins, Professor and Interim Chair of Epidemiology and Prevention at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, and Joseph Arnold Skelton, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Wake Forest School of Medicine and Director of the Brenner FIT Program, as they explain what a school BMI report card is and its uses.
There is evidence to support the effectiveness of multi-pronged school-based interventions in reducing obesity. The Body Mass Index (BMI) report card is being used in some schools as a screening tool and for some, represents a low cost “intervention”. Overall reviews of the use of BMI report cards are mixed. Some reviews have suggested that the potential harm of this screening may outweigh the possible benefits. However, others have stated that using a BMI screening program is an essential part of school-based obesity prevention efforts and is valuable to schools, students, and parents. Pediatricians are being impacted by the BMI report cards as parents are bringing their school-aged children to them for guidance and assistance. The unique aspect of this webinar is that a Pediatrician who has direct experience with the BMI report card approach will provide his perspective on the use of the BMI report card. During the webinar, Dr. Skelton provides an overview of the BMI report card, answers questions that have been asked regarding its use, and reports some of the positive and negative aspects of its use.
The audience that may find value in joining this webinar include school staff members (particularly those who are employed by schools that are giving our BMI report cards), parents of school-aged children, and anyone interested in hearing more about the BMI report card.

After the webinar attendees will have learned:
1) The definition of Body Mass Index
2) What a BMI report card is
3) At least one positive and one negative aspect about the BMI report cards
4) What is discussed when a parent brings the BMI report card to a clinic visit



PDF of Presentation Slides