Beyond the Lunchroom: How School Meals Can Promote Nutrition and Combat Hunger

This course explores the problem of youth hunger from an academic and behavioral perspective and provides tips and resources for combatting hunger in schools and school communities by increasing the access and appeal of nutritious foods as well as enacting more in-depth hunger reduction programs. 

This course has three sections and will take about one hour to complete. For each section you will be asked to read a short introduction and watch the corresponding video (approximately 20 minutes). Once you’ve have completed the video, you must correctly answer a comprehension question to move on to the next section.  

Upon adequate completion of the three sections, please fill out the brief questionnaire to receive your certificate of completion. If you are a member of the School Nutrition Association you may earn one Continuing Education Credit by completing the course. In the final questionnaire, please indicate your SNA membership number and the certificate will be emailed to you. You may also use this course towards USDA’s School Meal Professional Standards requirements (Key Area: Nutrition 1000, OR Key Area: Comm./Marketing 4000, Key Topic: Smarter Lunchroom Techniques 4160).

To Enroll: 

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Carol Chong MA RD LDN, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Annette Marchbanks, Liverpool Central School District

David Just, PhD, Cornell University