CATCH – Linking nutrition education from classroom to lunchroom and promoting healthy habits

Carol Caldara, MCHES, introduces CATCH, an evidence based Coordinated Approach to Child Health program that builds healthy eating and physical activity habits for preschool to 8th grade students and improves school culture of health. Through it’s collaborative approach the program focuses on nutrition education, physical activity and healthy eating at school and beyond.

PRESENTER: Carol Caldara, MCHES, National CATCH Specialist, CATCH – Coordinated Approach to Child Health

Learning Objectives:

  • How the CATCH program bridges disciplines to collaborate and promote a culture of wellness
  • How to find and use  CATCH evidence based resources for nutrition education and promoting more physical activity amoung preschool to 8th grade students
  • How the various CATCH opportunities for educators help improve success and sustainability of nutrition education and physical activity initiatives 


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