Cooking with Kids: Building Lifelong Culinary Literacy

Research shows by teaching kids to cook they shop differently, fill their plates differently, and consider their impact on the environment differently. However, for various reasons, children are often absent when the family meal is being prepared. One way to “get kids back in the kitchen” is to teach them basic culinary practices. Culinary literacy is the ability to prepare a meal or snack using commonly available foods and common pieces of kitchen equipment. It is having sufficient skills to experiment with food and ingredients (Amin, et al, 2018). In this webinar, Dr. Erin Comollo and Dr. Peggy Policastro, RDN address best practices and resources available to develop a culinary literacy program in your school or organization.

Through this webinar, participants are able to:

  1. Define culinary literacy
  2. Identify best practices when cooking with kids
  3. Locate resources for developing a child and family-focused cooking program


PDF of Presentation Slide