Feature Series: Healthy Afterschool Programming Resources

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Afterschool programs provide an opportunity to engage students in healthy projects and activities such as lessons, fundraisers, school gardens, and physical activity. Below are resources and ideas for program leaders to develop new programming or incorporate new healthy initiatives into existing programming. 


Health Based Lessons for Students

Eat It Up: Afterschool Program Resources

Afterschool hours can provide an opportunity to work with young people in a more informal setting than during the school day… READ MORE

Curriculum Review: Accompanying Resource for Middle School Children In Defense of Food PBS Documentary

Designed to help students answer the question, “What should I eat to be healthy?” the In Defense of Food Curriculum (IDOF) provides critical tools and lessons for healthier eating… READ MORE

Hands On: Real World Lessons in Food Safety for Middle School Students in School and 4-H (VIDEO)

“Hands On” teaches middle school students key food safety concepts while meeting Common Core Standards… READ MORE

Food Day Curriculum: Science Lessons for Healthier Students and Communities

Each year on October 24th, Food Day is celebrated nationwide with a goal of helping people learn to “eat real.” READ MORE

Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness (CHFFF) and Choose Health Action Teens (CHAT): Research-Based Resources for Youth Educators

Food and Nutrition Education in Communities programs include youth-focused healthy eating and active living curricula … READ MORE

Taking Dairy lessons into the Classroom

Many students think milk comes from the grocery store, they don’t realize the journey it travels before it gets there… READ MORE


Healthy Fundraising Initiatives

Popular Ideas for Student Nutrition Action Committee Events and Fundraisers

Spread healthy nutrition messages by hosting or participating in events that can inspire your school community to make more nutritious choices… READ MORE

Healthy Fundraising

Promoting healthy behaviors outside of the classroom is a natural way to encourage hands-on learning… READ MORE


Afterschool Activities & Programs

After School Garden Clubs: Planting Seeds for Success

Many students participate in after school activities to extend their learning opportunities and spend more time with friends during the day… READ MORE

“I’ve Never Tried That Before:” The Story Behind One Afterschool Garden

“I’ve never tried that before,” said Jane* before she ate a fresh bell pepper from the Cambridge 4-H Afterschool garden located in Cocoa, Florida.

Using School Gardens to Promote Children’s Physical Activity and Fitness

School gardens are a wonderful place to educate and support students to use healthy eating practices. In addition, they can also promote physical activity and exercise… READ MORE

Shared Use Agreements: Breaking Down Barriers to Child Physical Activity

Several school districts make maximum use out of public space and money by using shared use agreements… READ MORE

Mooga: Cow Inspired Yoga

The Dairy Council of Florida has developed Mooga, cow inspired yoga, as an interactive activity that helps strengthen bones and teach about the health benefits of dairy in the diet… READ MORE


Resources for Afterschool Program Leaders

The Cornell Healthy After-School Environment (CHASE) Self-Assessment Tool: Encouraging Supportive Food and Activity Environments

The CHASE self-assessment tool is designed to help after-school staff examine their current support of healthy eating and active play… READ MORE