Feature Series: School Gardens



Tips for Beginning School and Family Gardens on a Budget

Building and maintaining a garden can seem like an expensive project, but with some careful planning, it doesn’t have to cost much at all… READ MORE

turipSchool Gardens Engage Students: Traverse Heights Elementary School

The Traverse Heights Elementary School garden program in Traverse City, Michigan teaches students about the importance of healthy food and healthy eating… READ MORE


eggplantAfter School Garden Clubs: Planting Seeds for Success

Many students participate in after school activities to extend their learning opportunities and spend more time with friends during the day… READ MORE

beet“I’ve Never Tried That Before:” The Story Behind One Afterschool Garden

“I’ve never tried that before,” said Jane* before she ate a fresh bell pepper from the Cambridge 4-H Afterschool garden located in Cocoa, Florida… READ MORE


pepper School Gardens Promote Healthier Eating and Better Learning

Hands-on learning provides students with the know how to apply their lessons to real-life situations. Nutrition education may be a component of your school’s wellness policy, but have you considered a hands-on approach? READ MORE

carrotA School Garden—How to Grow it and Enjoy it!

A school garden can provide an exciting environment in which students can work with many people while learning how to grow food. A successful garden may include parents, volunteers, teachers, and Master Gardeners. READ MORE



Plant to Plate: Do School Gardens Increase Salad Selection?

According to the 2013 USDA Farm to School Census, there are 2,401 school gardens across the US that grow edible produce and incorporate it in school meals. While studies have shown that incorporating school gardens into nutrition curriculum can increase student awareness and consumption of fruits and vegetables… READ MORE



Administrative Steps to Serving Garden Produce in the School Cafeteria

School gardens have become wildly popular in the last few years as an experiential education opportunity for students. Many school gardens grow enough produce for classrooms to have taste tests of different fruits and vegetables throughout the year… READ MORE



Using Veggies from School Gardens in Recipes

School gardens are a great way to introduce children to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Studies have shown that children who are involved in the process of growing their own food are more likely to have healthier diets and are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables… READ MORE



Try It, You’ll Like It! Encouraging Youth to Eat What They Grow in the Garden

School gardens are a huge trend.  They allow youth to build skills in science while encouraging healthy eating habits and getting youths to “eat their veggies.” The reality of most beginning garden programs is that just because it is grown in the garden, does not mean youth will eat it; many factors play a part in consumption… READ MORE


 A Guide to Gardening in the Classroom

Garden-based learning activities in the classroom promote science, math, reading, and  allow students to increase their awareness of the environment and nutrition. With enough creativity, the garden and garden activities can be applied to just about any lesson taught in the classroom, and be integrated into existing school curricula. READ MORE



How Teachers Can Include School Gardens in the Classroom Curriculum

School gardens are cropping up around the country as multi-faceted experiential learning labs.  With the increased emphasis these days on high-stakes testing and data collection, many educators are looking for more innovative ways to present subject matter that balances academic achievement with fostering a love of learning. READ MORE

cucumberUsing School Gardens to Promote Children’s Physical Activity and Fitness

Encouraging healthy food choices, nutrition, and wellness among school children can extend beyond the classroom or the school cafeteria. School gardens are a wonderful place to educate and support students to use healthy eating practices. READ MORE

turip Develop Your Summer Maintenance Plan for School Gardens

School gardens are a popular tool used by many schools to promote healthful eating, teach nutrition lessons, and promote physical fitness by getting kids outside and active.  Summer can be a challenging time for some schools that have school gardens. READ MORE