From Potato Chips to Mini Meals: Optimizing Nutrient Quality of Snacks

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With snacking on the rise across all ages and demographics, it’s time we take our mini meals seriously. The average American consumes about one-quarter of their daily calories from snacks, and the most common snacks are calorie-rich and nutrient-poor.

This webinar outlines reality-based solutions to help health professionals teach and motivate their clients to use snacking as an opportunity to fill nutrient gaps, optimize health and achieve their nutrition goals. The behavior economics model will be applied to improve the healthfulness of snacks and to keep energy and blood sugar levels constant throughout the day.

This is a healthy snack webinar, which includes both the concept of nutrition density and importance of healthy snacking. Behavioral economics will be taught as well, with Kate Hoy as one of our guest speakers.


Candice Sainz, Dairy Council of California

Featured speakers: Dr. Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Kathryn Hoy, MFN, RD, CDN, Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs 


Parent nutrition education handout: 10 Healthy Snacking Tips