Get the Most Out of eXtension Healthy Food Choices in Schools Resources

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The Healthy Food Choices in Schools resource area at is a one-stop source for eating behavior insights, interventions and practical steps for food service providers, policy makers, health professionals and parents to promote healthy food choices in school food environments. Resources are free and include articles, webinars, professional development courses, and educational videos developed by experts from across the country. In this webinar Katie Baildon, Communications Coordinator for Healthy Food Choices in Schools, walks attendees though the available resources and how to locate them. She also shares details about joining the team of experts, also called a Community of Practice, to share your own school meal expertise!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Locate relevant Healthy Food Choices in Schools content including articles, webinars, educational videos and professional development courses.
  2. Why and how to join the Community of Practice as a member. 


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