Get the Word Out: Write a Press Release

Objective: To inform a public news medium of a completed or ongoing project, particularly  successes.

Press releases are short (under a page) and factual. The intention is to give enough information to interest the media while keeping it short enough to maintain interest.

Title: Short, Factual Title (3-8 words)


Introduction (20% of Content)

  • Your name, the organization (school/district), names of key collaborators

  • Project summary (one sentence)

Body (70% of Content)

  • 2-3 interesting details or successes

  • A photograph of before and after photographs with complete captions-if available

  • Results: 2-3 positive results of project

  • Optional: Fun or interesting quote from one of the project stakeholders, including source

Conclusion (10% of Content)

  • Thank all collaborators

  • Mention next steps in project

  • Include your contact information in case the reporter has questions.

Example from Smarter Lunchroom Movement

“[School or District Name] Gets at Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover”

In [season and year of SLM], [school or district name] began a Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover in order to encourage students to select, eat, and enjoy nutritious foods without eliminating choice. The project was spearheaded by [project leader name], with help from [list names, offices, and organizations of collaborators]. Examples of interventions included [list 3 interventions]. After [length of intervention period] [list successful results of changes]. Asked about the effects of changes to the lunchroom, [stakeholder name and affiliation of student/parent/administrator/food service director/lunchroom staff member/etc.] said, “[Quote].” [School name or project leader] wishes to thank [key stakeholder names] for their support [give details, if desired] and looks forward to continuing to help students through another Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover in [future date and location].”