Get Your Walk On! The Monday Mile and How to Get Your School/Community Moving

Move It Monday

Presenter: Cori Floyd, Program Associate, The Monday Campaigns/Move It Monday

Move It Monday is an international non-profit initiative that promotes fun activities for all fitness levels and ages to be active and healthy. In this webinar, Cori Floyd discusses research that shows why starting healthy practices on Monday can help with adopting healthy behaviors long-term. Professionals will also learn how to implement Move It Monday’s feature activity, the “Monday Mile.” The Monday Mile is a weekly group walk that helps everyone start the week off by moving together – families, staff, communities, you name it! Cori provides step-by-step guidance, as well as information about free resources to use to get started. In addition, she shares case study examples of Monday Mile programs taking place in schools, hospitals, and communities to serve as models that attendees can replicate and offer to their audiences.



After this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the “Monday Effect” and the benefits associated with it
  • Understand and explain Move It Monday and the Monday Mile
  • Implement, maintain, and evaluate a Monday Mile program in their school, workplace, or community
  • Explain the benefits of the program to their leadership and other audiences
  • Find resources for implementing the Monday Mile 



PDF of Presentation Slides