Hands On: Real World Lessons in Food Safety for Middle School Students in School and 4-H

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“Hands On” teaches middle school students key food safety concepts while meeting Common Core Standards in Math and Language Arts and state mandated curriculum standards in science and social studies. Using highly effective research-based lesson plans, student labs, and hands-on activities, “Hands On” can be delivered in the classroom by teachers of all subjects working together to teach interdisciplinary lessons,  thus allowing students to build on food safety concepts from all subjects, while improving knowledge and retention. “Hands On” can also be taught in 4-H afterschool programs, project groups and camps by Extension agents.

Presented by Sondra LoRe, Program Manager, Hands On classrooms; and Janie Burney, PhD, RD, Professor and Extension Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences. 
As a result of participating in this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the objectives of Hands-On and the intended audience.
  • Identify the educational theory used in Hands-On.
  • Navigate the Hands-On website to obtain curricula, resources and more information.


PDF of Slides