Healthful Celebrations in Schools


There are many fun ways to celebrate special events in schools.  Check out these ideas.

For Birthday Fun:

What a teacher can do:

  • Make a crown, button, sign or banner for the birthday child.
  • Allow the student to pick a book and ask a parent, principal or special person in the child’s life to come and read it.
  • Have the birthday child be the special helper or line leader for the day.

What a parent/caregiver can do:

  • Check with your child’s teacher if you would like to bring in a special snack for a celebration.
  • Provide a healthy snack like fruit, mini-muffins, low-fat popcorn or yogurt parfaits instead of cookies, cupcakes or ice cream.
  • Give small “goody bags” to the classroom made up of fun items like pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, stickers, crayons or other inexpensive items.
  • Instead of a special snack, suggest a special activity or craft that you could make with the class.
  • Give a small gift to the classroom in honor of your child.  Check with the classroom teacher to see if there are any special wanted or needed items.
  • Donate a book to the library in your child’s name.

Other healthful celebration ideas:

  • Allow the class to have a few extra minutes of outside time.
  • Have a dance party or find a different activity to promote exercise.
  • Provide parents with healthy ideas for birthdays and other classroom celebrations.
  • List only healthy items on the snack or party sign-up sheet.

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Sarah Pechar, Cornell Cooperative Extension Schenectady County

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