Healthy Food Choices in Schools Featured Series

School Gardens

This series offers expert advice about starting and maintaining successful school gardening programs.

Farm to School and Local Food Procurement

This content series highlights the goals, challenges and successes of procuring and serving local foods in school meal programs. 

Managing Food Allergies in Schools

Food allergies can create concern for students, parents, teachers and food service directors. This series focuses on ways of safely managing food allergies in cafeterias and classrooms.

School Breakfast Programs and Successes

This content series examines the importance of school breakfast and highlights some successful breakfast programs and initiatives that nourish students and help build healthy habits.

Moving Veggies off of the Sidelines

Featuring healthy nutrient rich vegetable dishes in the school lunchroom is great option for normalizing vegetables and getting kids excited about eating them! Linked below is a series of articles that feature different, creative ways of putting vegetables in play.

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Fun and health can go together, especially in school parties and celebrations where health activities, food and lessons can positively contribute to health and happiness of students, teachers and staff. This series focuses on ways that parents, teachers, administrators and food service professionals can create healthy environments, foods, and activities for special days. 

Reducing and Managing School Cafeteria Food Waste

This content series explores food waste in school cafeterias; specifically, reducing food waste and analyzing  it to measure consumption.