How to Bring the DeStress Monday Program to Schools & Communities to Improve Mindful, Healthy Behavior

DeStress Monday

Join Ron Hernandez, Managing Director of The Monday Campaigns, to learn about the DeStress Monday program and how its practices and creative materials feature mindfulness, deep breathing, positivity, and physical activities that can reduce stress. He describes a case study of how teachers in public schools used the program to reduce their on-the-job stress and how they introduced the concepts in the classroom. He shares strategies to improve your stress management and establish a weekly routine of healthy, stress-reducing behavior. He also explains the science behind why Monday is the best day to begin a healthy behavior and offer simple ways the DeStress Monday program can be started.

Through this webinar, viewers will learn to: 

  • Explain the DeStress Monday program
  • Introduce the DeStress program in schools and other organizations
  • Explain stress reduction outcomes and other benefits to teachers, students, and other groups
  • Identify resources to implement a weekly DeStress Monday program



PDF of Presentation Slides