How to Find a Teacher to Supervise Your Student Nutrition Action Committee

You’ve begun planning, organizing, and recruiting members for your club, but all school activities usually require a teacher’s supervision.  Once you’ve created your Student Nutrition Action Committee (SNAC), how do you go about finding a club moderator?  There are a few things to consider while looking for a faculty supervisor:

talking to teacher

Get permission.  Make sure you have permission from your school to start your club and receive and faculty moderator.  Meet with the Principal and/or the Wellness Committee for guidance.

Know what paperwork to fill out.  Once you’ve found your moderator, be sure to fill out the right paperwork so your club can be recognized by the school.  Again, asking your Principal and/or Wellness Committee for help identifying the correct paperwork is important.  Know who to talk to when your club needs to reserve a classroom or auditorium for club meetings. 

Find a teacher who’s interested.  A teacher might be more willing to supervise a club they’re interested in!  If you have a nutrition or home economics teacher at your school, consider asking them about being your club supervisor. 

Find a teacher who’s able to attend your club meetings.  If you’ve already scheduled a time for your club to meet, ask your prospective supervisor about it beforehand.  Your club might not only be able to meet when your supervisor can attend!  If there is one specific teacher that you’d really like to supervise the club, consider basing your meeting time off of their schedule rather than the other way around.

Educate your moderator on what your club is about.  The more your club supervisor knows about your club, the better they’ll be able to publicize it to other students and help you recruit new members.  If they stay informed, they can assist your club in promoting wellness and healthy habits at your school!


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