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Students who participate in school breakfast programs have improved attendance, behavior and academic performance as well as decreased tardiness according to the Food Research and Action Center. The Huddle up for Breakfast program was designed by the Dairy Council of Florida and Florida Department of Agriculture for teachers, food services, and administrators to work together to help educate students and parents on how breakfast can positively affect their bodies and brains. 

Huddle Up for Breakfast provides free turnkey downloadable tools including student announcements, newsletter messages, activities, ideas for school-wide contests, best practices for success, flyers, artwork for web banners, along with recipes specific for food services and others for families. Most of the family recipes provided were developed by students as part of a cooking competition sponsored by The Dairy Council of Florida. To start using all of these valuable resources, please visit

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Lori Nelson MS, RD, LD/N, Nutrition Manager, School Health and Wellness, DAIRY COUNCIL OF FLORIDA, a division of FLORIDA DAIRY FARMERS


Federal Food/Nutrition Programs – Food Research & Action Center