Introducing the Smarter Lunchrooms Complete Training Program


In this webinar Erin Sharp,MS, MAT, Cornell B.E.N. Center Curriculum Designer, introduces the new Smarter Lunchrooms Complete Training Program (CTP). CTP is a professional development resource for Smarter Lunchrooms Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs), especially those who train, mentor, or certify other TAPs. In this webinar she will discuss the purpose, organization and content of the program as well as how the program can be implemented. 

More about the CTP: 

SLM LogoIt consists of six two-hour modules cover the six Smarter Lunchrooms certification areas: theory of behavioral economics and the six principles of Smarter Lunchrooms, perspectives on lunch line redesign, using the DPIE process, generating buy-in, facilitating collaboration, and using research and data. Each self-contained module contains pre- and post-assessments, scripted instruction and slide presentations, interactive workshops, and all supplemental materials and resources. It is an excellent resource for a certified TAP’s professional library as well as a go-to mix-and-match lesson plan for TAPs planning their own training workshops. The series is accredited for 10 CEUs from SNA.

Expected release: January 2016