Jamie Dollahite, Cornell University Division of Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Jamie Dollahite is an expert in community nutrition and nutrition education and is National Program Co-Leader of the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice.

Jamie directs the Food and Nutrition Education in Communities  program at Cornell University which is housed in the Division of Nutritional Sciences.  Her work in community nutrition engages Cooperative Extension educators in effective outreach and provides education to parents and larger communities that supports healthy lifestyles. The focus is on making healthy choices easier for children in order to prevent child obesity.  She and her team have been recognized for their outstanding work in this area through several awards, including the 2013 best Great Educational Material award for a Healthy Children, Healthy Families: Parents Making a Difference! curriculum that focuses on parenting around food and activity choices; the 2009 Best Article Award from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior for  research that supports the cost-effectiveness of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program that provides education to low-income parents; and the 2006 Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension Award. 

Jamie is a professor of community nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. She is involved in the International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, the American Nutrition Society, and the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior.  She has served on the Board of Editors for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.  She recently served on the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine committee that wrote Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Examining the Evidence to Define Benefit Adequacy. She currently serves on the national Program Development Team for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education and has been involved in several committees that provide leadership to the national Expanded Food and Nutrition Education program.

Jamie received her PhD and BS from the University of Texas Austin, and her MS from the University of Iowa. She practiced for a number of years as a registered dietitian in clinical practice and research dietetics.