Partnerships Create Culture of Health:Timbuktu Academy

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Timbuktu Academy in Detroit, Michigan utilizes partnerships to engage and teach students about healthy living and eating through many fun, relevant, and empowering activities. FoodCorps Service Members, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension, and Detroit Black Community Food Security Network work at Timbuktu to implement and instruct a comprehensive wellness program that aims to shape a healthy school and community culture. The students at Timbuktu are able to learn about the importance of what they eat, where it comes from, and how it impacts their health. These partnerships also help students learn about the importance of healthy eating by introducing taste testing of new healthy foods, along with connecting foods with history and culture by creating an interactive display board for the students. As a result of these partnerships with Timbuktu Academy, the students now have the knowledge and opportunity to make healthier choices. 


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Nicholas Drzal, RD, MPH, Michigan Department of Education

For more information, contact Cha-Rhonda Edgerson, Principle at Timbuktu Academy, Detroit, Michigan