Share Your Success Stories: Write Testimonials

Objective: Celebrate success, share credit, and/or inform the public of completed, ongoing projects, or opportunities in an informative and fun way.

  1. Whether you are writing about your own personal success story or writing about someone else’s, use the questions below to develop the content of your testimonial or to interview the subject(s) you are writing about.

Example questions:

  • What first interested you in … (the relevant initiative for example: creating a Smarter Lunchroom)?
  • What did you do to generate buy-in (administrators, food service admins, staff, teachers, parents, students, community)?
  • Describe the changes made in your lunchroom
  • Describe the effects of the changes made
  • Which changes did you feel were the easiest or most fun? Why?
  • What roadblocks did you experience?
  • What tips might you have for others interested in the CoP?
  1. Including photos makes a testimonial more personal and approachable. Include an appropriate photo of the subject or location of the testimonial. Before and after photos of the changes instated may be a good addition too.
  2. Be concise, the testimonial should be short (under 500 words).
  3. Include in title: the name of the subject, name and location of his/her school, and position in school (student, food service manager etc.).
  4. Reintroduce the information from the title in the first paragraph.
  5. Avoid a question/answer format. It should read more like a story than an interview.
  6. See an example testimonial here
  7.  We would be happy to include your testimonial on our eXtension page. Please follow these and submit your finished testimonial to

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