Shirley Vouris R.D., L.D.N., Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion

bio pic vouris Shirley Vouris is a Registered Dietitian, Health Education- Cafeteria Promotion Program Coordinators for CPHP. Shirley has been with the organization for almost 8 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Nutrition and is alum of Southern Illinois University. Shirley has also been involved with local, state and national nutrition organizations for 20 years. Recently she has presented on cafeteria promotions at the state level for, Action for Healthy Kids and IL School Nutrition Association conferences. Current Chicago Public Schools (CPS), cafeteria promotions encourage students to eat more healthy foods and CPHP evaluates the success of the program with plate waste studies. She has coordinated school garden and tasting events involving Chicago community leaders. Current member of CLOCC, Action for Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Campaign and the School Nutrition Association.

Shirley actively helps write nutrition curriculum, plans CPS school classroom nutrition activities and trains staff. CPHP has had many successful years of implementing cafeteria promotion programs as part of their school-based nutrition education program. The organization has hosted hundreds of tastings and impacted thousands of CPS children. Previously Shirley worked as an Ecosure food safety specialist, a Grants and Sponsorship Specialist at Illinois NET (Nutrition Education and Training) and was one of the Illinois School Meals Initiative Associates – working with school food authorities participating in the National School Lunch Program.