Smarter Breakfasts Boost Brain Power

Is your school breakfast program providing the best, brain-boosting energy for students? From planning a nutrient-rich menu to enhancing the accessibility and convenience of your meals, this webinar will provide tips to enhance your program, increase student participation, and nudge students to make healthier choices at breakfast. The Smarter Breakfast Scorecard, a new tool developed upon the successful behavioral economic approaches used in Montana school lunchrooms, provides simple strategies to enhance your breakfast program.  Join Molly Stenberg, RDN, Assistant Director, Montana Team Nutrition, to see how Montana schools are making the most of school breakfast to support smart students.   

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply successful behavioral economic strategies used in school lunchrooms to the school breakfast program with a Smarter Breakfast Scorecard.  
  2. Learn key tips to plan and serve nutrient-rich, appealing breakfast meals that support student’s health and performance, in addition to filling their tummies.   
  3. Discover how Montana Schools used the Smarter Breakfast Scorecard to nudge students to choose more fruit and more white milk at breakfast.   


PDF of Presentation Slides

Smarter Breakfasts Scorecard

Taking a Look at Food Waste at School – a hands-on lesson for middle-high school students