Smarter Lunchrooms Research Showcase: Research from the 2018 Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium

Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium


Join Dr. David Just, Associate Director of Graduate Studies in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University and co-Director of the Cornell B.E.N. Center (Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs), and Adam Brumberg, deputy director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, as they share five studies from the 8th annual Smarter Lunchrooms Symposium held in May 2018. This recent research into the application of Smarter Lunchrooms strategies in K-12 schools in America and overseas was conducted by Cornell scientists and guest presenters from the University of Florida, University of Georgia, and Montana State University. They will also review the poster session and future research ideas panel. Lastly, they will show where these resources – videotaped and subtitled research presentations and the posters – will be housed on There will be a Q&A session.

Learning Objectives: 
After this webinar attendees will have learned:
1. The concepts, methods, and results for five studies related to Smarter Lunchrooms programming in K-12 schools.
2. Best practices for applying select Smarter Lunchrooms strategies, as implied by the research results.
3. How to access the video presentations, slides, printed materials, posters, and other referenced resources on