Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Across the US, we are experiencing a youth mental health crisis. With more young people experiencing hopelessness, anxiety, and depression, and a drastic shortage of mental health providers, many teachers are increasingly becoming beacons of hope for their students. Through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), students and teachers alike can learn to understand and manage their emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and manage their own mental wellness. Additionally, the incorporation of SEL into the school day can lead to improved nutrition and healthier eating habits, through mindful eating, improve decision-making, and modeling of healthy behaviors.

In this webinar, hosts will cover the history and benefits of Social-Emotional Learning, how school staff and those who engage with schools can use SEL to improve nutritional, academic, and behavioral outcomes, and share examples of current work that is making an impact in schools across Hammond, IN. Hosts include Robin Sizemore, founder of Superhero Training & Supply, a non-profit social-emotional learning organization dedicated to supporting youth using yoga, mindfulness, and creative arts for youth to address depression, anger, anxiety and stress, and Theresa Mince, a Community Wellness Coordinator with Purdue Extension’s Nutrition Education Program, who works to make healthy choices more accessible in low-income communities. Robin and Theresa have been working together to address the needs of their local schools through social-emotional learning, nutrition, and physical activity.

By the end of the webinar, participants will learn about:

1. 5 SEL core competencies for teachers and students.
2. How SEL can positively impact healthy eating behaviors and nutrition.
3. How to empower students to use SEL throughout their day.
4. Resources available to implement SEL in their areas.
5. How outside partners can help make this work happen.


PDF of Presentation Slide

SEL Toolkit

Mindful Eating Handout

‘Eating One Raisin’ Handout