Social Media Toolkit for Extension Professionals

social media

Health professionals are working in the schools to positively impact the way children make healthy food choices and ensure that access to healthy foods is safe, affordable and easy. Foodservice directors, staff, school administrators, teachers and health professionals can take advantage of free social media channels to extend and enhance their programmatic efforts to drive reach and engagement with the target audiences. Social media is a powerful tool for education because you can multiply your reach and also engage in two-way communication with your audiences.

In order to take advantage of social media, it is critical to use best practices to assist in the planning, development and implementation of social media activities. This toolkit is a collection of tips, lessons, and best practices to assist foodservice directors; staff, school administrators, teachers and health professionals get started with developing and implementing their own social media strategy. This toolkit will educate health professionals not only about “what is best practice” but also provides examples and templates regarding “how to implement” the social media best practices. Although these guidelines have been developed for the use of social media at Nebraska Extension for engaging parents/ caregivers of young children to promote healthful child development, they may be useful materials for other health professionals to reference when developing social media tools.

We’d like to know how this toolkit is being used. Please fill out your info below and by doing so, you give us permission to follow up with you about your use and to get feedback at a later date. 


Dipti Dev, PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln