Spanish-language Resources for Smarter Mealtimes (in Spanish)

Smarter Mealtimes Movement



Celia Kennedy, Administrative Program Specialist with the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), will introduce the Smarter Mealtimes program for promoting healthy foods to young children in Early Childhood Education settings such as HeadStart, daycare centers, preschools, and home-based childcare. She has worked for over 34 years in the field of child nutrition, 29 of them for OSPI as a Child and Adult Care Food Program Specialist. 

The Smarter Mealtimes program offers research-based recommendations, tools, and free signage encourage children to try, select, eat, and enjoy healthy foods and to practice positive meal habits. The 20 key strategies were developed in partnership with OSPI and the USDA’s Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). They are listed in the easy-to-use Scorecard and are explained in the Handbook, which includes photos and tips for implementation. These tools and other documents can be downloaded from the website, also in Spanish*. There is also free nutrition signage and flash cards for caregivers and kids! Join us to learn how this simple, low-cost/no-cost, impactful program can benefit young children and establish healthy meal habits for life. This webinar will be delivered in Spanish and is intended for Spanish-speaking and bilingual caregivers and families. This 60-minute webinar can also be used as a professional development tool for caregivers. This webinar will be recorded.


Learning Objectives

Through this webinar, participants will learn:

1. Smarter Mealtimes purpose, development, and how to find more details about the program

2. Explanation of the 20 strategies included on the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard, with photos

3. Spanish-language Smarter Mealtimes resources, including signage and tools

4. How to access these resources on