Spanish-language Resources for Smarter Mealtimes

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement

Smarter Mealtimes developers Erin Sharp, MS, MAT (Curriculum designer, Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office) and Bianca Smith, MDA, RD (Program Specialist Nutritionist, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington state) introduce the new suite of Spanish-language Smarter Mealtimes resources for early childhood education (ECE) environments. These resources were created due to popular demand by early learning and child nutrition professionals and mirror and expand upon the English-language resources. The Spanish resources include the 20-point Scorecard, monthly tracker, Handbook, free signage, promotional materials, and an upcoming  webinar delivered in Spanish. These tools are ideal for use in child care centers and home care settings led by caregivers whose primary language is Spanish, as well as for bilingual ECE settings. The free signage could also be used in K-12 schools where Spanish is taught or where there are Spanish-speaking students. After introducing the tools, the presenters will present best practices and tools for sharing these resources with caregivers.

Learning Objectives:

Through the webinar, participants will learn:

1.     Smarter Mealtimes purpose, tools, and how to find more details about the program.

2.     Spanish-language Smarter Mealtimes resources, including upcoming Spanish-language webinar for caregivers

3.     How to access these resources on

4.     Best practices and tools for reaching out to Spanish-speaking caregivers to share Smarter Mealtimes resources

The Spanish version of this webinar will be held on June 26th, 2018 at 2pm. Details and registration for this webinar can be found here.