Success Stories from Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Gurus



Looking to re-energize your school cafeteria to inspire healthier choices but not sure where to start on a tight budget? The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM) may help. Learn how April Mackill, Nutrition Services Manager, Plumas Lake Elementary School District and Dawn Soto, Senior Food Services Training Specialist for Los Angeles Unified School District used the SLM Scorecard as the basis for making simple changes that lead to positive outcomes in their cafeterias and school campuses.


In this pre-recorded webinar, April and Dawn share low and no-cost ways they used nutrition education and promotion to improve consumption of healthy school lunch options and reduce plate waste. Using the evidence-based principles and practices of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, this webinar can be used as a training tool!



Learning Objectives:

  • Identify challenges and the SLM implementation efforts used each school district
  • Review lists of low and no-cost items school districts can purchase or obtain to support the SLM efforts
  • Demonstrate how school districts can sustain SLM efforts in selected schools and expand to additional schools



April Mackill and Dawn Soto

Submitted by Candice Sainz, Community Nutrition Adviser, Technical Advising Professional, Dairy Council of California