Eat It Up: Afterschool Program Resources

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Afterschool hours can provide an opportunity to work with young people in a more informal setting than during the school day. Educators and afterschool program coordinators can offer experiences and teach life skills that youth may not achieve through other …

Taking Dairy Lessons into the Classroom


Many students think milk comes from the grocery store, they don’t realize the journey it travels before it gets there.  The Dairy Council of Florida has partnered with Young Minds Inspired to provide interactive and educational lessons on dairy farming …

Eat, Play, Love—Raising Healthy Eaters

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During this 60-minute webinar, speakers provide “real world” answers to the following questions:

  • What do children actually need to be healthy?
  • What is “division of responsibility” and why is it important for parents and children?
  • Why should the focus be