What are Whole Grains?


Whole grains are an important part of the diet that add fiber, vitamins and minerals to your daily intake. The recommended amount of grains in the Healthy U.S.-Style Eating Pattern at the 2,000-calorie level is 6 ounce-equivalents per day. Though …

Multipurpose Lunch Menu

A food service director told me that the school meal menus are the most read items on the school district website. He knew this because once he was late in getting the monthly menus posted and the calls started coming …

Smart Snacks at School and at Home

snack foods

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2014) 12.5 million youth, between the ages of 2 to 19, are obese. In just one generation the number of obese youth has tripled. Research shows that childhood obesity is a …

10 Facts About School Lunch

serving school food Thousands of schools nationwide participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which provides federal assistance for meals prepared and offered in schools.  Recently, the NSLP has changed their meal requirements in order to improve the nutritional quality of school