The Name Game: Sending the Right Message

Why do restaurants use appealing descriptive adjectives like “succulent” or “fresh” on their menus? Because it makes dishes sound more appealing and can even make us enjoy our meal more! This very same low- cost technique can also be used to make healthy foods in school meals more appealing to students. In this webinar, David Just, PhD, Behavioral Economist and Co-Director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs (BEN Center) and Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, shares the psychology behind why increasing appeal increases selection and consumption of healthy foods. He also shares some practical advice and best practices based on real-world challenges and successes. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of the psychology and evidence behind renaming and increasing the appeal of healthy dishes to increase selection and consumption
  • Best practices for making healthy foods more appealing in the lunchroom