The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard Site Visit Protocol

In this webinar Erin Sharp, MS, MAT, Curriculum Designer for the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office, overviews best practices for using the Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in the healthfulness of school cafeteria design. Erin begins with tips for preparing for the site visit, checking in, observing the lunchroom, and completing the scorecard. She concludes by sharing effective standards for debriefing with school food service personnel, including interpreting the assessment score, discussing goals and next steps.

**recording updated on 7/7/2017**

Learning Objectives

After viewing this webinar, participants will:

  • Be able to accurately complete the Smarter Lunchrooms  Scorecard and site visit protocol to identify areas for improvement in the healthfulness of the lunchroom environment
  • Have a greater understanding of how to use these tools to prepare for a school site visit that includes, planning, observation, and debriding food service directors and staff on next steps 


PDF of Presentation Slides 

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