Using the Smarter Lunchrooms Online Scorecard Tracker


The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office has recently released a new online tool that allows users to fill out the Smarter Lunchrooms 60 Point Scorecard on any device. Users can easily enter and store information and images to track progress over time as well as download printable certificates and completed scorecards. In this webinar, Erin Sharp, Curriculum Designer, and Katie Baildon, Communications Coordinator for the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office, provide a 30-minute walk-through the Scorecard Tracker.

Learning Objectives 

  • How to set up an account on
  • Navigate and use the Scorecard Tracker feature to fill out scorecards, upload photos, and track progress over time
  • Download printable certificates and completed scorecards


PDF of Presentation Slides.

Link to register/sign-in to Online Scorecard Tracker: