Feature Series: Healthy Classroom Celebrations

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Fun and health can go together, especially in school parties and celebrations where health activities, food and lessons can positively contribute to health and happiness of students, teachers and staff. This series focuses on ways that parents, teachers, administrators and food service professionals can create healthy environments, foods, and activities for special days. 

strawberry clip artA Parent’s Guide to Healthy School Celebrations

Key considerations for parent contributions to school celebrations.  

fireworks clip art Celebrate the Healthy Way: Tips for Year-Round Classroom Parties

Healthy snack ideas for each special occasion. 

balloonsTeacher Tips for Healthier Classroom Celebrations

Tips for teachers to incorporate healthy foods, and activities throughout the day. 

crayonsEasy, Healthy Classroom Birthday Celebrations That Parents and Kids Will Love!

Tips for creating a birthday celebration “menu” of fun and healthy party activities and treats. 

party clip art Tips to Create Active Classroom Celebrations

A list of easy, fun indoor and outdoor activities for celebrating special days. 

apples Healthful Celebrations in Schools

Healthy birthday celebration ideas for parents and teachers. 

party clip art 2Resources for Promoting Healthy Holiday Fun in School

Recommended resources for planning healthy parties.