October 2022

Keep youth healthy with regular exercise and healthy foods while back in school this fall. This edition shares a variety of resources, original articles, and recipes to motivate and inspire our readers.

July 2022

Summer is the time to refresh and refocus; and this edition aims to provide you with fresh ideas and resources to fuel the mind and body.  Keep kids healthy this summer and once back-to-school with our shared resources, articles, and recipes.

May 2022

May health and nutrition be with you!
With original articles, contemporary resources, and nutritious recipes, there is something for everyone! Read on to learn how to develop culinary literacy in youth; check out popular cafeteria lunches in the recipe section; and see which member is featured this month!

March 2022

Spring forward with better nutrition!
Check out the nutrition month article focusing on cultural cuisine with school children; learn USDA’s updated nutrition guidelines; find shared resources and recipes to promote increased vegetable consumption; and enjoy our member spotlight!

January 2022

Happy New Year 2022!
Kick start the new year with healthy habits! We’ve loaded up this edition with ideas to inspire our valued readers as leaders within your own circles of influence.  Enjoy a new article on creating enthusiasm when cooking with kids,  fresh takes on seasonal recipes, shared resources, and our member spotlight.

November 2021

This edition’s articles give a wide variety of food for thought – from helping to fight hunger in your community, to enjoying healthy holiday celebrations, there’s plenty to chew on here! Also check out the new resources, featured seasonal recipes, and member spotlight.

September 2021 

This month’s featured article shares some timely tips on reducing germs in schools. Check out the new resources and featured back to school recipes!

July 2021

I hope you enjoy this month’s relevant article on staying hydrated! Don’t forget to check out the new resources and featured recipes!

May 2021

Get yourself and your community moving this summer and beyond.  Join the webinar on May 12th at 12:00 PM EST to learn all about this campaign –
On Your Mark, Get Set, Walk! Article highlights include reading nutrition labels and preparing healthy breakfasts with non-traditional ideas. Don’t forget to check out our resources and featured recipes!