How to Engage Youth with Smarter Lunchroom Strategies


Engaging youth is a critical component to successfully implementing Smarter Lunchrooms Movement and meeting the needs of the SLM customer- the student.

Speakers will discuss how student feedback and engagement activities were used to promote the healthier items in the school cafeteria though implementation of a Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover.  In addition, they will share challenges, successes and lessons learned regarding the practical application of the Smarter Lunchroom concepts in a Northern and Southern regions of California.  Tools will be shared for conducting taste tests, surveys and focus groups, collecting stories from cafeteria managers, using positive messaging cues, and nutrition education connections.


Candice Sainz, Dairy Council of California


Deborah Tamannaie, California Department of Education; Katherine Greene, Cornell BEN Center; Kussy McKenzie, UC San Diego; Candice Sainz, Dairy Council of California