Project BreakFAST Webinar: Increasing School Breakfast Participation among High School Students

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Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day but many teenagers skip it. In this webinar you will learn about the evidenced-based Project breakFAST: Fueling Academics & Strengthening Teens. This research project was a four-year study to test ways to increase participation in USDA’s School Breakfast Program at 16 rural high schools by adding a Grab and Go breakfast. Overall, intervention schools increased participation in the School by 49% more than control schools and participation among the student breakfast skippers at intervention schools increased by 81% more than the students at control schools. The breakFAST project toolkit contains helpful information to form a School Breakfast Team, ideas for involving students in marketing school breakfast, and best practices for a successful breakfast program.


After this webinar, attendees will have learned:

1.  How Project breakFAST increased school breakfast participation by bringing breakfast out of the cafeteria and into the student hallways.

2.  How to access and use the Project breakFAST Toolkit to implement a Grab and Go or 2nd Chance Breakfast.

3.  Best practices for implementing a Grab and Go or 2nd Chance Breakfast in a high school.