Sarah Ransom, University of Tennessee Extension Service

Sarah Ransom works for the University of Tennessee Extension Service (2013), focusing on the Family and Consumer Sciences and the 4-H program. Current responsibilities include educating the community on healthy living, nutrition, parenting, interpersonal relationships, finances and working with youth. She has become involved in eXtension through her university and has been writing articles for the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice.

Sarah has worked in daycares, schools and professional settings. One thing she has learned is that “working with children is never boring, especially when it comes to feeding them. They all have preconceived notions of what they do and don’t like, what they will and won’t eat, it’s our job to do our best to be creative and make sure they eat the foods that will help them develop fully.”

She attended Liberty University, in Virginia, and graduated with her B.S. in Family and Child Development in 2012.