United States of Smarter Lunchrooms: Stories from Michigan, Washington, and Illinois Incorporating Evidence-Based Tools Provided by Smarter Lunchrooms National Office

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The Smarter Lunchroom Movement has diffused widely and rapidly in California. To support this movement, community and health professionals are developing and building more robust resources and guidance to school food service staff for an even healthier school food environment. As time and experience in Smarter Lunchroom strategies expands, Smarter Lunchroom of California has reached out to other states for creative ideas and resources. Nick Drazl, from Michigan Department of Education, explains a few success stories, videos and social media for low-cost ideas on how to revamp your cafeteria. Bianca Smith, from Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, generously shares with us editable materials from their Smarter Lunchrooms Toolkit. Whitney Ajie, SNAP-Ed Extension Educator, explains Illinois’ customizable implementation guide and successes for school synergy. The recorded webinar ends with a few questions. 

Presenters: Nicholas B. Drzal, MPH, RDN, Bianca Smith, MDA, RD, Whitney Ajie, MS and Shannan Young, RD, SNS


Candice Sainz, Dairy Council of California