Learn It, Grow It, Taste It! Nutrition & Gardening

Health curriculum for individuals with disabilities

This webinar is presented by Chelsey L. Slattery, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor with the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources and Jennifer Swanstrom, Community Education Specialist with the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program. During this webinar we discuss our approach to developing and piloting an adaptive, experiential, interactive curriculum that teaches nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional wellbeing, hygiene, financial literacy and more to students of all abilities. The target audience for this webinar is individuals, educators, and teachers working with, or interested in working with, Special Education populations, including Special Day Classrooms, and/or community sites serving individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Information presented in this webinar is of value to attendees because there is currently a limited number of resources that have been designed for this specific population.

Through this webinar attendees will learn:

1) The process for conducting a needs analysis to identify gaps and determining the need for specific materials and resources.

2) Best practices for implementing a comprehensive health curriculum with individuals of all abilities.

3) Where to find tools to implement lessons from the Learn it, Grow it, Taste it! curriculum.


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Learn it, Grow it, Taste it Lessons

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Contact: Jen Swanstrom, CalFresh Healthy Living, UC and Learn it, Grow it, Taste it! Project Lead in the Butte Cluster, jgswanstrom@ucanr.edu